Aexperial s.a.s., founded in 2005, is managed by an established-team with over a decade of experience in the industry of food service equipment and catering industry.

This has produced a company which stands out amongst its competitors and due to its deep product knowledge, understanding of market drivers and dynamics, and last but not least, a profound expertise in marketing.
From the latter, a personalized approach to customer service focusesing on reliability and transparency has led to establish and develop important connections in Italy and above all abroad.

Aexperial is a dynamic enterprise, always ready to provide tangible and distinct answers to its Costumers, organized in such a way to efficiently meet and satisfy the requests and needs of both the small consumer and large distributor.
The Company handles several product lines manufactured from high-quality materials, Polycarbonate, the best raw material, and stainless steel AISI 304 18/10.

Aexperial is not a supplier but a “Partner” that offers a full-range of professional equipment for catering, gastronomy and ice-cream production.



Aexperial s.a.s. - Piazza Ferdinando Simonis, 5  43126 Parma - P.iva 02378420349

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